Researchers' days

Application form

Please fill out a different form for each activity proposed.

Please consult the Call document for detailed information on eligible costs.

1. Applicant

If you are submitting a proposal on behalf of an institution (research institution, company, association…), the Administrative Head must have given their approval in advance and they must also sign the final contract if your proposal is accepted.

If you are applying on behalf of an institution, please provide the address of the institution. If you are applying on your own behalf, please provide your own address.

2. Type of activity

Choose a catchy title that will grab people's attention!

The following applies only to associations etc. working with younger children (< 12 years). All other applicants are expected to be present during the full two days of the event.

3. Description of your activity

Please provide a clear summary of your activity and how it meets the selection criteria.

  • Concept and suitability of methods/content with regard to the target audience
    • Clear, relevant and original concept
    • Interactive and practice-oriented concept
    • Research/science at the forefront
  • Expected results

    For example: generating audience interest on a scientific matter, providing information to the audience, generating discussion about a scientific matter, etc.
  • Estimated expenses

4. Cost estimate

Please indicate the amounts with VAT included (exception : preparation lump sums). Please see page 5 of the Call document for more details on this point.

euros 1 time slot corresponds to 1 person present during a 1/2 day (remuneration EUR 100) or 1 person present for the duration of one Science Café.




5. Additional requirements


You will initially be given a 5 × 5 m stand. If this is not big enough, please indicate here how much space you will need.

If yes, a detailed list will be requested if your activity is selected